Watchdog: Garage door repair company overcharges elderly

Dallas Morning News Reports on a San Diego Based Garage Door Company that Scams people.

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Almost everybody knows it’s risky business anytime you take a car to a repair shop or hire an air-conditioning maintenance company. But here’s another industry just as treacherous that doesn’t get much attention: garage door repairs.

Look what happened to Mason Miller of Richardson.

He thought he was calling the reputable Overhead Door Co. of Dallas, part of Lewisville-based Overhead Door Corp. In the 1920s, the founder of this company is credited with inventing the upward-lifting garage door and its electrical motor system.

But there are a lot of imitators who use the word “overhead” in their name. Miller, like many others, called another company with the same word in the title.

Mike the tech charged him $1,700 for a job that should have cost $100 or less. When Miller complained later and tried to get his money back from the company, the company sent him a legal document to sign. The document stated that he would never say anything bad about the company. If he signed, he would get a $700 refund.

That’s bullying. Fortunately, Miller contacted The Watchdog.

Miller had fallen into the perilous world of Garage Door Service, a San Diego-based company that pretends it’s local in many cities, even though it isn’t.

The company hires techs for jobs it gets through its call center. The call center answers calls that arrive through a maddening array of hundreds of websites and also phone book ads that carry names similar to better-known and more reputable companies in the cities in which the imitator pretends to be based.

The state of Georgia in 2008 called out the company for this fakery. But elsewhere, in places such as Texas, this confusion does what it’s supposed to do: take advantage of customers, especially the elderly.

When I called Garage Door Service (which also goes by Garage Door Services) about Miller, management told me a story that wasn’t true.

Client service director Brandon McKemy said, “They were able to resolve the situation. … We were able to shave off a little and make him happy.”

Wrong. Nothing is resolved. No refund has arrived. He’s not happy.

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