Garage Door Springs

Be sure and visually inspect your torsion springs every so often. They are located right above your garage door. Your door will have to be closed for you to see them.

Make sure that one of them is not broken. If you heard a loud Snap! but your door still works its probably because one of your springs broke. Your garage door motor will still pull the door up-but its not safe to do. If you notice one of your springs is broken refrain from using the door until you get a qualified tech out to your home.

Also be sure to check the balance of your door every so often.
If your door seems to be working hard to pull your door up it could be a broken spring or it could be that your springs need to be adjusted with some more tension.

I’ve gone out and tuned up some garages that had their springs recently changed and found that the door was not properly balanced.

To check your doors balance. Put your your on Manuel so you can roll it up and down by hand. Roll the door up and down. Your door should sit where ever you leave it. It should not fly up or fall down when you let go. It should be balanced.

Do NOT attempt to adjust your springs yourself they are under a whole lot of tension. They can really mess you up if you dont know what you are doing.

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