Its Safer to buy a new Garage Opener if your existing openers reversal does not work. Many times we change a wooden 1-piece door with a steel sectional and the Garage opener still works- but the reversal doesnt work. We recommend to our customers that they change out the motor in these cases…..Today we switched out some bent panels and installed a new opener. This was on a garage door we had installed two months ago
and reused the old motor.

When we installed it we explained that the reversal on the opener did not work and they ran the risk of bending the panels or worse. Their door cam e down on a object they left in the way( this old motor did not have safetybeams either) and the motor did not reverse did it bent the top 2 sections.

Now if your old motors reverse works by all means keep using it and save some cash.

So I have decided to post up a video on how to check your garage doors reversal so you guys can check out your door……It will be put up in a couple of weeks because we are busy installing

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