ALL Garage Doors and related hardware and waste are Recycled and this is because Mexicans take the old garage doors across the border and the wood is reused, they also reuse the old springs and other door hardware. Its a good thing they take it and it doesnt end up in our landfill. They do us a great service and we do not have to pay to take it to the dump.

But I was looking through another garage door company website and they are trying to make it seem like they “DONATE” the wood to Mexico or that they are doing something out of the kindness of their hart because the garage doors are recycled. Every single garage door company recycles because the materials are needed in Mexico and they provide a free service to us by taking the doors and we dont have to pay for disposal. So its really funny to see them say that they “Donate”….
These guys are such fakes…. Well I know that this certain company is a total fraud and the marketing scheme that they use is to try to scare people into thinking that other companys are trying to rip you off.

Ive worked for many companies included the one I am speaking of and I have to say that most are honest many of them may not have the greatest installers but they are not trying to intentionaly rip somebody off.

But this particular company and I wont mention their name- I have briefly worked for and they do everthing they say they dont do. They are the only company I know that does dishonest business practices both with their customers and the employees. They pay poorly so they have C-rate installers.
So if you dont purchase your garage door from us. By from ANY other garage door company besides this one……..the only Garage Door Company that has recycling garage doors B.S. on their website-

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