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Garage Door Break-ins and Prevention

garage door break in

Garage Door Break-ins and Prevention San Diego We get calls every now and then on garage door break-ins.  Here are some videos on various solutions to thieves using a coat hanger to gain entry to your home. Here is a news piece on how they break into

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Watchdog: Garage door repair company overcharges elderly

garage door company over charges

Watchdog: Garage door repair company overcharges elderly Dallas Morning News Reports on a San Diego Based Garage Door Company that Scams people. Read Original Article Here Almost everybody knows it’s risky business anytime you take a car to a repair shop or hire an air-conditioning maintenance company.

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Genie Recalls Several Operators due to Fire Hazard.

genie operator recall

Genie Recalls Several Operators due to Fire Hazard. On Febuary 25, 2014 Genie recalled several garage door operators due to fire hazard the control board on 4 units were reported to have overheated. The incidents resulted in no injuries. The recalled models are – the Genie Screwdrive

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Garage Door Springs: Oil Tempered Vs. Galvanized Torsion Springs

broken garage door torsion spring

Garage Door Springs: Oil Tempered Vs. Galvanized Torsion Springs Garage Door Springs Oil Tempered Wire vs. Galvanized By Walt Weller I had the good fortune of becoming involved in the garage door industry in 2003 when my partner and I acquired General Spring LLC. It didn’t take

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We install Stainless Steel Doors and Copper Doors!


Ask about our new Selection of Copper and Stainless Steel Garage Doors! We will have the page with pictures up shortly

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We are here to help you with ANY Garage Door problem! @

We received a couple of calls today from customers that needed help with their garage door….the service they needed did not involve the customer buying and installing a new door… These customers where told by these companies something to the effect that “they dont do that kind

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Garage Door Springs

Garage Door Springs Be sure and visually inspect your torsion springs every so often. They are located right above your garage door. Your door will have to be closed for you to see them. Make sure that one of them is not broken. If you heard a

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Wikipedia-About Garage Door Openers/Motors

The opener A common misconception regarding openers is that the door opener lifts the door directly, however, most of the lifting is done by the counterbalance system using either torsion springs or linear expansion springs. There are also several clever counterweight systems. All of these systems allow

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Some of Our Garage Competitors

Check out these links about some of our competitors….not all garage door companies operate like these do but I know some that absolutely do because I worked for them back in the day…..I also worked for a couple of honest companies…..Interesting that the garage door companies that

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