Custom Wood Garage Door without Double Hindges + Broken Torsion Spring

In this video we were called out for a torsion spring repair on a custom wood door. Custom wood doors often have multiple much larger than normal springs to compensate for the weight of the door. Upon inspecting this garage door we found that a number of hinges were broken. Custom wood doors should be double hinged with extra long stems on the rollers because of the weight of the door. We often find in some developments that the contractor skimps on the heavy duty hardware & track, torsion springs, and garage door openers for these custom wood doors. They do this to save money and land the contract. What ends up happening is the 1/2HP Garage opener burns out because they don't have the right springs for the weight and not having the heavier track, hinges etc with a heavy wood door makes for a dangerous situation. At the end of the video you will see that the opener installed is a 1/2 HP Beltdrive…..Not what we would recommend or install….for a custom wood garage door get a 3/4 HP Chaindrive..Liftmaster

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