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 What Type of Garage Door Repair do You Need?
The most common garage door repairs are broken torsion spring, busted cable, bent panels, stripped motor trolleys (genie) and stripped gears in liftmaster motors.

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If you do not see a torsion spring above your garage door you probably have a Wayne Dalton Torquemaster Spring – Read Here


Garage Door Repair Service Includes:

• Checking the Door Balance and Adjusting the Torsion Springs (if needed )
• A thorough check of all parts including rollers, hinges, bolts, back hangs
• We check the torsion springs- to make sure they are in good condition.
• Lubrication of all Parts.
• We inspect the Garage Door Motor and make the nessary adjustments.
Such as adjust the limit switches, checking the force adjustment
( to make sure your door will reverse if it hits something)

We  also service your existing garage door or motor if its noisy or not running smooth. Most times we can get your garage door or motor running like new with some adjustments.

We Repair: Broken Springs, Bent Panels, Broken Cables, Doors that rub on the jam, striped motor trolleys, worn out gears, unbalanced doors, replace rollers, replace hinges……etc.

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Some Common Garage Door Repairs and Possible Solutions

Garage Door opens up half way then stops: You may have a broken torsion spring the reason your garage will not go up all the way is because the torsion Spring is what does all the heavy lifting. But sometimes the opener is strong enough to lift the garage door with one spring. I’ve actually been to a few repair jobs where both springs where broken and the customer had been running the door like that. If the springs are broken do not open the door with the motor you may cause damage to the motor. Often times the If the Springs are not broken then it may be that your torsion springs may need to be adjusted. Or sometimes its as simple as doing a force adjustment on your motor.

Garage Door Opener sounds like it works but nothing happens: When this happens it’s usually a stripped trolley –  (usually on a genie) or the internal plastic gears (Chamberlin Liftmaster- see video here). Sometimes it may be as simple as your garage door openers manuel release being pulled down. So you might want to check and make sure its engaged first.

Garage Door does not go down all the way(comes down a little then goes up): Its usually the garage door safety beams make sure they are properly aligned. (usually there will be a solid light on both beams if there is a good connection(some beams only have one indicator light)……make sure there is nothing in between them (like spider webs). Inspect the wiring leading up to the beam sometimes you can wiggle the wire and make the beam work again. Make sure that the door is not hitting anything on the way down.
Spun Cable: the solution is to fix whatever caused the cable to come loose and reset the cables and torsion springs.

Bent or Cracked Panel: If you catch a crack in the panel early enough before it completely makes your panel bend in half you can have a extra strut put on for reinforcement to keep it from buckling. This can save you from having to buy a new panel or a whole new door as sometimes on older doors the manufacterer has gone out of business or does not make that particular model anymore. See Video of Bent Panel Repair Here

Common Garage Door Repairs for Openers


Symptom: I can hear the motor running but garage door will not go up and down.
1. First check to see if your garage door trolley is engaged. Sounds silly but we’ve been out to check out some doors and it was a simple pull of the cord to re-engage the trolley to the motor.
2. If you have a chain-drive Liftmaster Motor and you hear a grinding sound it may be the plastic gears are stripped inside the motor. See Video Above.
If you have these replaced make sure both gears are replaced…the smaller one may not look worn but it is. Also make sure the garage door is balanced a heavy door is often the root problem of the stripped gear.

Symptom: Door Operator will not lift door or goes up a little then stops.

1. Before you do anything check the torsion springs above the garage door. If one of them is broken don’t try to open the door….you could end up damaging the top panel of the door. Get both springs replaced.
2. If the springs are good….disengage the trolley try to lift the door by hand if it feels heavy you may need to have the spring tension adjusted. Or the garage door may feel like something is obstructing it on the way up…..then it may need some adjustments to the track.
3. So if the garage door torsion springs are good and the door goes up and down by hand with ease and with smoothness. Then look on your garage door opener for the force adjustment usually on a liftmaster or chamberlain there are 2 blue dials on the back or side. Turn the force adjustment up a tad ….then try the opening the garage door with the motor

Symptom: Garage door will not close.

1. Check the garage door safety beams make sure they are aligned and both lights are solid. move them around a bit…check the wiring to the beam move the wiring around a bit to see if there is a bad connection.
2. To know for sure if it is a beam problem Press and Hold down the wall button this overrides the garage door safety beams if it goes all the way when you hold it down then you know for sure its the beam.
3. If you move the beam around and you still can’t get the lights solid check the wiring ….there may be a break in the wire such as a staple going through the wire or corrosion where the wire was spliced.
4. So if the beams are good….put the door on manuel by pulling the string on the trolley. Try to pull the door down by hand to make sure nothing is obstructing the door.
5. If the beams are good and the garage door runs down by hand silky smooth……then go to the force adjustment on the motor ..on the liftmaster its the 2 blue dials on the back or on the side on the motor case.. turn the force down up a tad ….then test the door