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Torque Master vs. Torsion Spring

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The Torque Master: is the spring system developed by Wayne Dalton garage doors. It consists of an oval hollow tube with internal springs and gears at each end of the tube, that are attached to the door cables. This spring system is only used on Wayne Dalton Doors.



The Torsion Spring setup: has a thick tube with much bigger external springs.

The Torsion Spring System is the most common type of garage door spring system.

So which is the Better spring setup for your garage door?

In my humble opinion I would go with the TORSION Spring setup.

If you already have a Wayne Dalton garage door with a TORQUE MASTER setup and the spring breaks (its hard to tell because you can not see the spring broken inside the tube….. if your garage door operator struggling to open the door that is a tell tale sign)

….so if and when the TORQUE MASTER Spring breaks in my opinion you should go ahead and convert over to a TORSION spring setup.

And the reason being is because the TORSION SPRING setup is a superior system, its more common so parts are more readily available, tend to last longer, and Wayne Dalton has changed the design of the Torque Master system quite a few times to try to improve the system.

And by changing the system over the years it means you have to swap out the entire tube, flange brackets, drums, cable along with the spring…..that makes it more expensive…and also I personally do not see a great improvement in the Torque Master System.

That being said about Wayne Dalton Torque Master System…is not saying that Wayne Dalton Garage Doors does not make great product….I install Wayne Dalton Garage Doors all the time. But Wayne Dalton offers you a choice between getting your customer a torque master or torsion setup. I ALWAYS do the TORSION setup because I know there will be less of a chance of something ever going wrong…. and that's always the more desirable situation for both the customer and myself.

So to sum up my rant……If you purchase a Wayne Dalton get a TORSION SPRING setup
If you bust a TORQUE MASTER spring and need it replaced…..convert it to a TORSION SPRING setup.

  1. How can I find the balance weight of my garage door. I am trying to replace the springs in my torquemaster to save some money. Everything I read says you can find the weight on a white sticker on the left side of the tube, well guess what, not sticker. HELP

  2. Where can a DIY home owner size & buy a complete replacement Torsion Spring kit to replace a existing Torque Master spring system?

  3. You would have to buy the torque master system from Wayne Dalton But they only sell to licensed contracters

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